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From the diary of a Stalker... One of the most unpretentious fish. Most likely is the result of crossing the Amur silver and gold carp. Found in ponds, lakes, quiet rivers overgrown in peat quarries, and even in the swamps. Prefers slow current. Carp - fish day, night not catch. The best hours for fishing is from dawn to 10 am. The most suitable gear - lightweight float rod. It feeds on worms, bread, zooplankton, insect larvae, algae. Reaches a length of 45 cm and weight 4 kg.

Minimum weight: 80 g
Maximum weight: 2.5 kg

Bait - dough, barley, bread, maggots, bloodworm, imitation, corn, a worm, a bunch of worms
Location - a Boat station, a lot of Zaton
Depth - 20cm+tikoy


Woolf, если что не так, подправь, плз....изображение рыбы не умею вставлять